World Famous Comedy at Comedy Heights this Saturday!


Yes, if you star on a TV show or appear on Letterman, that makes you “world famous.”  Trust me.

This weekend, take a break from stuffing colorful eggs full of little chocolate rabbits and head to Comedy Heights.  We have an all-star lineup planned for you, including Mark Christopher Lawrence from NBC’s Chuck and Andrew Norelli, who has appeared on Letterman and The Tonight Show.  Also onstage for your comedic pleasure is the amazing Al Gavi, Janice White Remland, Michael Driggs, and Lynne Goodman.

Saturday’s show promises to be HUGE, so arrive early to get yourself a parking space and a chair.  Our audiences overflow from The Green Room like an Easter basket full of eggs.  Only our eggs laugh a lot.  They tend to be…cracked up…. (yes, pun intended)

Doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8pm.  Feel free to bring your own food an beverages.

See you Saturday!