About Us

Clean, clever and really funny!

Comedy Heights is a regular clean comedy show produced by Al Gavi and Maria Herman. That’s us 🙂 Yes our picture is all over this website. We LOVE to make people laugh. So in November 2011, after our potato juggling act didn’t work, we decided to try a weekly Saturday night comedy show at Twiggs in University Heights. Audiences have been laughing it up ever since.  Our Friday night shows in Chula Vista switch it up with the same great laughs and all the things you can’t get at Twiggs – like parking, and beer. 

Because Comedy Heights is so close to LA, we attract every flavor of comedian who’s looking for a great ‘room’. You’ll see comedians who’ve been on shows like America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing; The Tonight Show and Letterman; HBO; Comedy Central and just about everywhere else in between. Check out some of our regular comics on the ‘Comedians’ page. You’ll see what we’re talking about.

Our Mission:

To provide consistently high quality, family- friendly stand-up comedy shows with a variety of headliners, features and fresh faces. Our shows are clean, clever and really funny.

Our Goal:

To continue building a successful comedy show that is appealing to all comedians, while building a bigger audience to live comedy in San Diego, and to offer corporate and private clients with a reputable and professional solution for all of their MC and Comedian needs, regardless of location, scope or endeavor.

The only thing not clean about our show is the floor. And maybe the walls. And the goats. We’re kidding. The walls aren’t that bad.