What is Comedy Heights?

If you had to explain how Comedy Heights, a comedy show that doesn’t sell drinks or tickets came to fruition, how would you do it? You would start at the beginning; three years ago Comedy Heights began with the idea that a successful comedy show was about the comedy, the audience, and the clean jokes. Drink minimums, door charges, and dirty sets weren’t necessary, so producers Al Gavi and Maria Herman made some calls and started the weekly Saturday night comedy show at Twiggs Coffeehouse. We’ve now grown into two weekly shows with specials and huge headliners every week.

Comedy Heights Logo (2)

The goal has remained the same: to build a successful comedy show that’s attractive to comedians and audience members alike. Produce consistently excellent shows, thereby building a bigger audience to live comedy in general in San Diego. Come and see some incredible comedy this Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing and this Saturday at Twiggs Coffeehouse from clean and famous comics who love our show. We’re sure you’ll love Comedy Heights too.


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