June 25th to 30th on Comedy Heights!

Incredible shows coming at you this week from Comedy Heights !

This Monday at the Lot in Liberty Station 8PM! Jason Cheny performs with Bijan Mostafavi, Matin Atrushi, Brian Apprille, and Al Gavi!


This Thursday at The Echo Room in Oceanside 7:30PM! Jason Cheny with Mark Schumacher, Joseph De Paul and Adam Connie !

This Thursday at  Valentin’s Bar and Grill 7PM! Danny Villalpando with Andrew Tarr, Abby November, Tony Calabrese and Maria Herman!

This Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing 8PM! Brian Apprille with Matin Atrushi, Tony Calabrese, Rui Montoya and Al Gavi!

This Saturday at Twiggs Coffeehouse 8PM! Matin Atrushi with Lisa Gilbert, Neil Singh, Al Gavi and Adam Connie!

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