May 14th – 19th on Comedy Heights!

This Monday at The Lot in Liberty Station 7PM! JP Connolly with Bijan Mostafavi, Jesse Egan, and Al Gavi!


This Thursday at The Echo Room in Oceanside 7:30PM! Julio Gonzalez & Laura Hayden with Ray Easter, Charlene Mae, Michael Driggs and Maria Herman


This Thursday at  Valentin’s Bar and Grill 7PM! Katsy Chappell with Jay Light, Alfred Konuwa, Tony Calabrese and Grace Klien


This Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing 8PM! KATSY CHAPPELL with Jay Light, Alfred Konuwa, and Al Gavi


This Saturday at Twiggs Coffeehouse 8PM! Katsy Chappell with Jay Light, Alfred Konuwa, Al Gavi and Maria Herman!

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