April 30th to May 5th Comedy Heights!

This Monday at The Lot in Liberty Station 7PM! Stepanie Blum with Ori Amir, Tim Lee, Easily Distracted, and Al Gavi

This Thursday at The Echo Room in Oceanside 7:30PM! Jeff Bilodeau with Lisa Gilbert, Ori Amir and Adam Connie

This Thursday at  Valentin’s Bar and Grill 7PM! Daniel Eachus with Cat Alvarado, Tyson Faifer, Ty Shelton and Tony Calabrese

This Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing 8PM! Jeff Bilodeau with Cat Alvarado, Tyson Faifer, Logan Guntzelman and Al Gavi

This Saturday at Twiggs Coffeehouse 8PM! Jeff Bilodeau with Tyson Faifer, Logan Guntzelman, Ty Shelton, Al Gavi and Adam Connie