This Friday night at Comedy Heights at Bay Bridge Brewing we bring you Laura Hayden.

When Laura Hayden is not killing patients–with laughter, she is killing it on stage as a stand-up comedian and inspirational speaker. Dr. Laura Hayden is a practicing physical therapist, touring comedian and speaker.  Laura lends her humorous take on the absurd, bizarre and rare moments that make living and healing such a great part of the human experience. Part of her mission to serve others, educate and entertain  with kindness and humor, Laura crafts one-of-a-kind speeches and uplifting presentations that helps people cut loose and find the funny side of any situation. The prognosis . . .terminal laughter!

Joining Laura this Friday night are Jim Pine, Charlene Mae, Dusty Tunnell, Abby November and Comedy Heights Co-Producer Maria Herman. Doors open at 3pm for great brews and eats. Show time 8pm.