The GOATS were out at Comedy Heights at Bay Bridge Brewing Friday night!

That’s rights GOATS. Not necessarily the Greatest of All Time but we really don’t have any goats to compare them with. Yes actual goats. The comedy gods smiled down on Bay Bridge Brewing and put a herd of goats in the field opposite the outdoor show. It was the gift that kept on giving all night long as the audience laughed and applauded the goats bleated and did what goats do. I have no idea what that is. Basically goats are the animal worlds equivalent of a vacuum cleaner. Myles Weber, Ali Aldhalimi, Jessica Rosas, Tyler Brant, Ritu Tirthani and Al Gavi and the goats had the audience in stitches. It was a show not soon to be forgotten. If you haven’t been to a Comedy Heights show Friday night at Bay Bridge Brewing you may not know what you’re missing!

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