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Guys Rule at Twiggs this Saturday!

The Boys are back this weekend at Twiggs as headliner Nick Petrillo is joined by Alfonso Ochoa, Kurt Swann, Josh Lawson, Chris Clobber, and Al Gavi.  That’s a huge dose of comedy with an...


It’s 70s Night at Twiggs Tonight

It’s 70s night at Twiggs.  Literally.  This is not a joke.  Our favorite septuagenarian Anita Milner is joining us this Saturday at 8pm.  If you haven’t seen Anita in action yet, then you’re in...


Anita Is Back at Twiggs!

The Queen of Comedy Anita Milner headlines at Twiggs Saturday. She is simply our favorite Lady of the Night … AARP Member extraordinaire and HILARIOUS every time! She’s a regular at Aces Comedy Club...