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Get Swept Away with Mary Patterson Broome!

Get it?  Swept away…Broom(e)…yeah.  But it’s true–Mary Patterson Broome is headlining at Twiggs on Saturday, and she’s leading a huge lineup of amazing talent! As the temperature rises in San Diego this weekend, cool...


A Look Ahead at Twiggs

The next two weeks are going to be huge at Twiggs.  If you’re setting your calendar, make sure to include one of our hilarious FREE shows! 3/14: Mary Patterson Broome is your headliner, with...


Daniel Eachus is in the House!

The weekend has arrived and it’s time for some laughs!  Gas prices are rising, so we like to keep our high-octane comedy as affordable as possible.  As in free.  And that’s no joke! This...