Some fun Comedy Heights Memories. This week “Hat Moments”.

We may not have any live shows right now but we have plenty of moments to remember thanks to our own in house and out house photographer Byron Morton.  This week we bring “Hat Moments”.  We don’t know why some comedians wear hats.  Our own Al Gavi always wears a snappy Fedora.  Someone once said that “Hats are like Halos of Happiness”.  So here we go with our collection of Comedy Heights Happy Hats.

Trenton Davis wore a purple fedora and matching suit at his Bay Bridge Brewery set back in September 2020. 
Leah Mansfield had on a knit cap and plaid shirt when she did a hysterical set back in October 2019.           
Daniel Eachus is pictured from February 2019.  He even wears socks that match his hats.
Mark Christopher Lawrence from a show at Bay Bridge Brewing in August of 2020. Mark is known for his many television and film work and fantastic hats.
Comedy Heights Co-Producer Maria Herman in December of 2019 doing her best impression of Al Gavi.
Ori Amir the “Hebrew Chewbacca” from 2018.
Adam Connie in one of his signature outfits from December 2020.
Chris Clobber from July of 2020 at Bay Bridge Brewing. Chris hasn’t been seen without a hat since February of 1982.
No one rocks a hat like our very own Al Gavi.

And here’s a few more of our hilarious comedians that wear a “halo of happiness” when they perform.

Abby November
Chet Sewell-Thurston wanted a hat.

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