School’s In At Comedy Heights Tonight Sucka!

3 Teachers, one show, even funnier than the time with Tyler and Warren where you ended up in detention for the rest of High School.

Tonight, these pedagogic punsters take the stage at Twigg’s to make you laugh your socks off for free. When I used to burst out laughing in school, the teacher would pause, but then stare at me and ask me to go see the nurse. These profs pause for chuckles and won’t get you sent in for psychiatric evaluation. At Comedy Heights you’ll learn the appropriate places and times to laugh, as I have. Here are some examples to help tide you over until then.


Appropriate: Attending a Comedy Show.
Inappropriate: When Lydia Dugard can’t answer 11 x 11 in front of your entire 4th grade class and starts crying.

Appropriate: Watching Cat Videos on Youtube
Inappropriate: Watching a Classmate’s video presentation on cat abuse

Appropriate: Joking with Friends
Inappropriate: Listening to a friend talk about how he just got laid off

Appropriate: Watching a Comedy Movie
Inappropriate: Watching a Comedian move in for 4 hours straight

When in doubt, don’t laugh, and hold it all in until there’s someone onstage and other people are watching. (However, I’ve found that AA meetings find this disrespectful, NO MATTER HOW FUNNY THE STORY). Tonight, doors open at 7:30 PM and you’ll have at least one more place to laugh without psychiatric repercussions – our fantastic show. This trio of teaching tsunamis have drowned numerous SoCal clubs with gallons upon gallons of giggles and jest. Don’t evacuate the ground zero of hilarity!

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