Looking Ahead At Comedy Heights

TWIGGS 2015 Apr 11As March comes to an end, it’s time for some laughs.  And we’re here to serve up laughs with a side of raucous giggles.

Mark your calendars for these exciting shows at Twiggs.  All shows begin at 8pm.

March 28: Sarah Burford is your headliner, and she’s joined by Jason Cheny, Jaleesa Johnson, Maria Herman and Al Gavi

April 4: It’s the Easter Show at Comedy Heights, and Steven Briggs will be the headliner and honorary Easter Bunny.  He’ll be joined by Dewey Bratcher, Steve Heyl, Al Gavi and Maria Herman

April 11: Eli Nicolas is headlining, along with Mateen Stewart, Daniel Storrow, Danielle Arce, Al Gavi and Maria Herman