ICYMI: Reds Has Moved to Fridays!

We want to be sure that you know that the Comedy Night at Reds has moved from Thursday to Friday.  And to celebrate, we’re bringing you a huge night of comedy to start your weekend off the right way!

Friday’s lineup includes headliner Robert Weems, with Heather Marie Zagone, Jason Barfoot, John Hill, and Al Gavi and Maria Herman.  If you haven’t seen Heather Marie Zagone yet, you’re in for a treat.  And a trick.  She does a thing…and it’s really funny.  You’ll love it, we promise.

So come down to Reds in Point Loma this Friday and grab a few cold ones (if you’re into craft beer) or a few glasses (if you’re one of the wine folk) and have a few laughs on us.  The show is free, so it’s a great deal all around!

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