Give Mom the Gift of Laughter with a Special Mother’s Day Show!

It’s a Mother’s Day show like none other this Saturday at Comedy Heights!  We have 6 moms who really know how to LOL, though some of them don’t even use cell phones!  Join Maria Herman, Gina Manning, Jolene Collette, Diane Jean, Jennifer Congernaum and the hilarious Anita Milner.  If you haven’t seen Anita Milner, she’s a septuagenarian who packs a punch with her caustic wit.  Bring some Depends, because she’ll make you pee your pants.  Seriously!

As always, Comedy Heights promises fresh, free and really funny comedy every Saturday at 8pm.  Doors open at 7:30, and we encourage you to bring your own snacks and drinks (*ahem* remember your brown bags, people–there are moms present!)