Can You Find Anything Funnier Than Comedy Heights This Saturday? Fuggedaboudit!


That’s right, folks!  There is nothing funnier than this weekend’s lineup at Comedy Heights!

Headliner Tony Calabrese, America’s only bank president turned comedian, will keep you laughing til the bitter end.  And it is a bitter end.  Take what you will from that.

Sarah Burford makes her return to Comedy Heights.  If you think cat memes on the internet are funny, wait until you hear her take on it!

Gene Levine will be joining us as well.  Who knew science could be so much fun!?

We also have a bunch of new faces premiering at Comedy Heights, which is good because we always promise “fresh, free and really funny comedy.”

Maria is still in India, so Dustin Nickerson is the guest host this week.

Arrive early–the room tends to fill by 8pm!

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