Bay Bridge Brewing brings the Laughs EVERY Friday Night

And this weekend is not exception. Comedy Heights Producers Al Gavi and Maria Herman have been producing comedy shows at Bay Bridge Brewing for more than 4 years and the locals love it! This weekend brings Type Caste Comedy – 3 Indian comedians originally from Northern California, including feature comedian Sanj Nalwa. He started standup comedy fresh out of high school to escape the humdrum of UC college life. Originally from the Bay Area he recently moved to the Big Apple.  Sanj has performed at Rooster T Feathers, Standup NY, and several other clubs on both coasts. Rounding out the line up are headliner DJ Sandhu who’s performed all over the US, plus Ryan Sudhakaran, Mikey Perry and Comedy Heights Producer Al Gavi. Join us for craft brews, local foods and great parking every Friday night at 8pm