All Comedy Heights Shows at Bay Bridge Brewing Cancelled Until Further Notice.

In spite of all of our efforts, Covid 19 State, County and City Laws have forced us to shut down. Last night was our last show at Bay Bridge Brewing under current guidelines. The show had been outside and adhering to social distancing regulations, and Comedy Heights comedians had been wearing masks until they get on stage and used a freshly wiped down mic stand and microphones. Paramount to us will always be the safety of our audience and our performers. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough. We were able to stay open from June 5 through last night, and the shows were hilarious. We know it’s frustrating for our audience and our comedians for the shows to be cancelled again. We promise we will be back at Bay Bridge Brewing as soon as we are given the green light. We want to get back to making you laugh every week delivering the top quality stand up comedy shows you’ve come to expect.