Al Gavi Headlines this week at Comedy Heights at Bay Bridge Brewing and Twiggs.

Our headliner this week is Al Gavi.  The coproducer of Comedy Heights is a spicy Colombian with eyes only slightly bigger than his persona!  He started on the radio with KDVS in Sacramento and transitioned to the San Diego airwaves with “The Week You Missed” comedy news program on KRLY.  In his 7 years of doing stand up, he was featured on Rooftop Comedy and worked with comics like Mark Christopher Lawrence, Auggie Smith, and Joey Diaz.  Al Gavi frequently works with the U.S.O. entertaining troops across the globe.  We sat down with Al for an in depth interview.

“Al it must have been tough growing up in the jungles of Columbia fighting off cocaine traffickers while looking for stage time.”

“I grew up in Bonita.”

“Exactly. So tell us a little about yourself.  I understand your Uncle Juan wanted you to get into the coffee business.”

“Where are you getting this stuff?”

“Social media. So early on your dreams of making the Columbian Olympic Pole-Vaulting team were cut short by a horrific groin injury is that when you decided on a career in stand up comedy?”

“I never…”

“Being the only Columbian in San Diego must be tough.  Do you get a chance to go back to Columbia to visit with family.”

“My family is all he….”

“Of course they are, wink wink.”   So this week we are celebrating your birthday by having you headline the shows at Bay Bridge Brewing and Twiggs.  How does it feel to be the oldest comedian in San Diego?”

“I’m not the oldes….”

“True that’s Tony Calabrese, the Godfather of comedy in San Diego. But you and Tony Calabrese do wear the same clothes and as a Columbian you look older isn’t that true?”


So folks come out to Comedy Heights at Bay Bridge Brewing and Twiggs this week to hear the hilarious Al Gavi really open up.  It’s his birthday and someone needs a spanking.

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