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September 13th at Valentin’s Bar and Grill! Albert Linton!

This THURSDAY at Valentin’s Bar & Grill 7PM! Albert Linton comes to best little Mexican Restaurant in Spring Valley! Albert Linton is a nationally and internationally known stand up comedian and actor from Los Angeles.  He has shared...


August 9th to 11th on Comedy Heights!

The laughs keep coming this week on Comedy Heights! This Thursday at  Valentin’s Bar and Grill 7PM! Rick Izquieta with Zach Pugh, Matt Byrd and Adam Connie! This Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing 8PM! Danny Villalpando...


July 2nd to 7th at Comedy Heights!

Incredible shows coming at you this week from Comedy Heights ! This Monday at the Lot in La Jolla 8PM! Trenton Davis with Al Gavi, Heather Marie, Patrick DeGuire and host Tony Calabrese!   This...

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